The Power of the St. Michael's Scholarship

The St. Michael Scholarship is powerful. It fights for students with the greatest financial need—students like a young man we’ll call Joe.

 A concerned staff member found Joe sleeping in a campus lobby as he waited for a meeting. Joe explained that, along with a full class load, he walked more than two miles each way to his full-time job off campus. The sophomore couldn’t stay at Franciscan without the job, so he slept when he could.

 A St. Michael Scholarship bridged the financial gap for Joe—along with more than 200 other students last year who needed extra help - many of whom would not be able to return to Franciscan without the extra $2000 to $4000.  

Joe still works part time, but the scholarship has made a world of difference.

Join the fight for our students.  Please pray for them and consider a donation to the St. Michael Scholarship.  

Please become a defender of our students with your donation.  Every gift has meaning and makes an impact, especially when we join forces together!

Thank You!